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  • What kind of paper do you use for printing?

    We use a thick 16pt stock, this stock is thicker than the 12pt stock printers on the internet use to keep their costs down.

  • How much do you charge for backside printing?

    There is no additional charge for backside printing, that is included in the cost of the cards.

  • Do your cards come with a glossy finish and is there a extra charge?

    Our cards do come with a glossy finish (UV Gloss) on the front of the cards and there isn't a extra charge for this. We could also give you a glossy finish on the back of your business cards as well (but most customers don't prefer this as they can't write notes on the back) for an additional charge of $10 per 1000. If you would like a gloss finish on both sides, just make mention of it in the "additional comments" section and approving the additional charge. You will then be charged a second time on your credit card for the UV gloss on the back.

  • How fast will I get my order with ground shipping?

    If you select ground shipping, we try to get these cards to you within 1 week (5-7 business days). If you select an expedited shipping option, that means once the item has printed it will expedite shipping time.

  • I have my own design, can you print it?

    We could print your design at no additional charge as long as the file is print ready. You could email us the files and we'll tell you if it is print ready or not. Files created in consumer based products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher are not print ready. To make print files you should be using commercial software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Your files should have a 1/8" bleed on all 4 sides and all image files should be a minimum of 300 DPI in resolution.

  • I like my business card, can i fax/scan it and send it to you to print?

    You could do this also, we recommend that you scan a image so we could know the color layout. There is a one time template setup charge for $36. You'll pay the one time charge once, and if you place a re-order you will only pay for the printing because we already have the template on file. There is no extra charge if you make any text changes on the template on your re-order.

  • I have a independent real estate office, can you setup a template for our office?

    Please give us a call at 718-874-2833 and we'll be more than happy to setup a template for your office so your agents can order business cards on our website.